Thursday, May 7, 2015

LAMS to Tigers

The time has almost come for the 8th graders of Laguna Middle School (LAMS), to graduate to SLO High School, home of the tigers. April 29th was the day the incoming 9th graders were introduced to their new campus; welcome to the big leagues. During the 8th graders' registration, there was an informative presentation by various contributors to the school including the principle, seniors, freshmen, and counselors, all having the same goal: putting the upcoming freshmen at ease. Following the presentation, the campus was a free realm, allowing you to wander as you please. 8th graders introduced family to friends and toured their possible classrooms for the year to come. Home economics instructors held a stand presenting delicious cookies baked by the students and drawn clothing designs. The art class also has it's own display, only it filled an entire hallway. Wall-to-wall artwork including sketches, ceramics, paintings, and photography. Classrooms were also filled with exuberance, allowing students of all grades to either introduce themselves to teachers or (for all the current students) bring up conversations with their current instructors. Along with all of the stand-still displays, a few of the SLO High choir members performed several songs and an arranged band among four friends (all of which were part of the SLO High band) performed on their instruments with gusto. Of course this is not all. High school students also put on a production of the film Hair Spray in the well-decorated theater room. Girls could be seed darting around campus clearly in a hurry modeling curly hair and 60's style dresses.

SLO High School members certainly succeeded during the 9th grade registration. A joyful spirit filled the campus and 8th graders were certainly reassured that next year will be full of opportunities suited for everyone. Teachers were extremely friendly, students were on their best behavior, and entertainment exceeded expectations. The staff certainly thought of everything and makes high school not as frightening as it may seem.

                                               LAMS, welcome to the Home of the Tigers.

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